Night Night Deer


Deep in slumber, he suspected nothing as the creature approached his bedside. It crept up and he began to stir. He could feel her body over him, opening his eyes to a dark silhouette of a womanly figure. As she straddled over him he could see her animalistic form. Antlers could be seen as his eyes began to adjust to the room only lit by moonlight.

Could he be dreaming still? As he continued to awaken her short tail and her jingly hooves caught his eye. Yet he still couldn’t see her fully, the darkness heightening his other senses.

“I’m Vixen, Santa’s naughty reindeer. Please Sir can you help me, I want to understand my desires.. .”

His arousal was clear, the half-woman, half-reindeer could feel the stiffness of his cock through the sheets. She knew what he wanted, pulling back the covers to reveal him in his aroused state.

Her tongue lapped at the tip of his cock sending tingles of pleasure and anticipation. He knew she was hungry for him, to appease his burning desire. Taking him in deeper brought out a guttural noise of his satisfaction. He no longer felt weary from his awakening, instead the intense arousal coupled with her now deep intakes of him made his heart pound within his chest. He could feel it overwhelming him, taking him to the point of no return where his pleasure would overtake him, part of him wanted this, to give her what she craved. To feel him pulse in ecstasy as his cock is nestled in her throat.

But no, he needed to take control. His primal urge consuming him. Taking her by the neck he commanded that she cease taking him in her mouth and that she get up on all fours. It was now that he could truly appreciate her, stroking her body, her skin, her tail.

Feeling his own primal instincts kick in he knelt behind her. The tip of his wet cock pushed against her folds as be began to mount her. He was in no mood to be gentle, he had to have her. Grabbing her flanks as he thrust deep into her, both of them gasping in pleasure. She was his plaything to use. She was to lay flat on her front with her legs between his.

His urge was to bite her, on the nape of her neck as he continued to thrust deep into her. He needed to feel that she was his, to own her body. She was pinned down and wouldn’t be released until he was finished with her. With each of his thrusts her hips rose inviting him into her deeper. Every driving force of his hips nestled her tail deeper against his pubic bone. She was completely filled by him and he was almost ready to let go. His rhythmic movements were met by hers, he could feel it stirring inside him. He yearned to release himself within her. His hand scratching into her back as the pleasure grew, digging ever sharper. A deep grunt, a clawlike grasp, an intense pounding within her bringing his gratification to a climax. Burying his cock inside as an almighty wave of pleasure echoed inside her.

Her beauty had taken him to a place of burning desire. Now that his animalistic needs had been met he could rest beside her. His fantasy fulfilled.


20 Replies to “Night Night Deer

  1. I love this. You two are so imaginative and have so much fun together. It sounds as if there is a really relaxed level of intimacy between you which allows you to shake of your other selves when you are together. Glad you enjoyed your more primal selves 🙂

  2. So…(checks to make sure His Queen is not around)…if Angus was available, I might just masturbate to this hot and erotic story! But, it’s against my rules and difficult to do while caged…

      1. You’ll be just perfect for you and gem and likewise. There’s a place for hot and a place for fun and a place for snuggles, and serious, and discipline and playful and silly and sexy and quiet and low key and kinky and ALL of the things! Dipping into each when and if it’s right is the thing…a smorgasbord of choices! ☺️

  3. UNF, going primal is so freaking hot. We don’t do it nearly often enough, but it is AMAZING when we do. It feels good, and it’s such a sexy way to release some tension.

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