Christmas Came Early

We said we wouldn’t do it.
We said we had enough sex toys.
We can wait until the New Year.
We did not listen.

So we bought some new sex toys. You know how it goes, you look for one thing and and up finding something else. When we looked online we found a few things we liked. There was an offer on, spend so much and you get a free gift, either for him or for her. Turns out we’d bought enough for two packages and therefore two gifts. We’d done this before and got two for her and ended up with the same gifts. So this time we got one of each.

I didn’t used to like receiving new toys. Before we started our D/s dynamic PurpleSole would buy things without my knowledge and surprise me with them, this always made me feel uneasy. I guess it was a mixture of feeling that if we had to use toys we were somehow not having good enough sex without them, I know this is not the case now. Also, I didn’t like being surprised, not knowing what was going going to happen and not having control was not enjoyable for me.

I messaged gem to tell her of a way we could make it fun. I would blindfold and put ear defenders on her. Then I would open the box and use the mystery gift on her. She agreed, luckily for us the box came that day.

Things have changed so much over the last few months. I was excited to experience something unknown and the fact it was not only unknown to myself but PS as well only heightened this. PS accentuated the excitement by taking my senses away, leaving me in the dark until the toy was being teased inside me

The box arrived at work and I received the usual comments from my colleagues.

“Bought something naughty for the wife?”

“What you got in there, some dildos?”

They were jesting.

So here are the glass dildos we bought…

So later that night gem was positioned laying down on her back with sight and sound removed. With some latex gloves on I stroked and teased her body, allowing her skin to tingle. The box was opened, 2 glass dildos and a mystery box. I start with the glass, she knows what’s coming. They screw into her and she sounds like she’s enjoying it.

Then it’s the mystery box. It’s larger than the suprise dildo’s we had before so at least I know it’s something different. I open it up and here it is.

Looks interesting, but oh no it needs batteries. I scramble into the kitchen, leaving gem momentarily, to find 4 AA batteries. It has two dials, one for the vibrating bunny ears, the other for the rotating beads and spinning dildo end.

Spinning? I doubt whether this will work. If not I’ve got a replacement electric mixer for our Kenwood.

My mind trying to connect and form an image of what the toy was. It felt hard but not very cold like glass. As it was pushed further in I could feel something tickling against my clitoris, an unusual shape. Then just as my body was just getting used to the new sensation pressing within the vibration started and what felt like a rolling pulsation inside, hitting against my g-spot and filling me wonderfully.

I had worked out what the toy generally looked like and knew there was more to come. PS worked the vibrator inside me further, getting into a steady rhythm. Then the ears against my clitoris jolted into life, the surge of vibration made my body jump. They were strong, too strong for me. I could feel them flick on and off a couple of times, PS obviously realised from my reaction that it was too much. It finally softened and I think from the feeling PS had put his fingers in the way, I could still feel the vibration but less. His fingers caressing my clitoris with an added buzz.

The mixture of rolling pulsation inside and finger vibrator against my clitoris was an intense concoction, it wasn’t long until my body had welled up with pleasure and released itself. Safe to say I was glad for the PVC sheet that PS had put down. PS tormented me further with pleasure, enjoying what my body had to give and bringing me to the edge of orgasm. When he had decided he would let me come, he removed his finger that was blocking the bunny ear stimulator and let it work its powerful vibrations upon my swollen clitoris. Climax swiftly followed.

The blindfold and ear defenders are removed. She takes a few minutes to readjust while I’m holding her. We go to bed and sleep soundly.

Next time it’s my turn.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Masturbation Monday

14 Replies to “Christmas Came Early

  1. Great way to enjoy new toys. I am kinda with PG – I buy the toys and test them out first before I let my OH loose with them on me, not too keen on surprises! I love glass dildos and am promising myself a new one with different twists or bumps. Your story was so hot, very much enhanced by the 2 PoV’s. I love the idea of guys at work guessing right about the box’s contents, but thinking that they are just pulling your leg! The joke being on them makes it extra hot!

  2. I read this when you posted and then was caught in something christmassy rather than kinky so didn’t have time to comment. I love the reality of this and the fact that you both narrate. We love the glass dildos, and I especially like the corkscrew, so I am interested to hear more detail about these. Roll on chat 🙂

  3. Outside of D/s, I wouldn’t be comfortable with surprise sex toys, but knowing there’s the D/s connection and trust, it’s definitely much more fun.

    1. I’m glad it’s not just me that has those feelings. It never stops surprising me how something like D/s can re-write your thoughts and feelings on things.

  4. Lol – I have had you post notifications turned off, hence this morning’s run of comments! Can’t believe I missed so much! You brought anal glass twister dildos!!!! We have fun with ours and I hope you do too!

    1. I did wonder why the sudden influx of notifications lol. Yes, we got them on yours and missy’s recommended really and because we like our other glass one so much. They are pretty intense and fun!

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