Dom-Rod, Humour and D/s



Sexual arousal caused by feelings of Dominance over another.

“She submitted fully to him, it gave him such a Dom-Rod

For a better description of Dom-Rod please see submissy’s post.


Recently gem was punished for eating food she shouldn’t, it was 2 burgers (as well as her dinner) if you were wondering. Having her eat from a dog bowl on the floor has, as far as I’m concerned, been a success. The only trouble really is that she hasn’t been feeling her best this week so there have been times I’ve felt a bit bad. But the punishment must stick. To be fair I’ve let her drink from the bowl sitting up a couple of times. See I’m not a monster after all.

Sometimes she’ll forget, since its only for when the kids aren’t around. I’ll make a drink (in a glass) for myself and a bowl of water for her. It’s even better when it’s food. Watching her push a mince pie to the side of the dish so she can eat it while I’m relaxed watching on the sofa. Or if I want to I’ll stand over her so she can see my feet as she eats/drinks.

Having her do this makes me feel more Dominant that I imagined. Gem kneeling on the floor and being degraded in this way stirs something inside me. One time she looked up and noticed this.

“Why have you got an erection?”

I explained my feelings. It’s not like she hasn’t drunk from a dog bowl before (because why else would we have it). It’s just never been used in this way for disciplining her. I am standing over her with all the power. I want to put my hand around her neck and tell here now naughty she’s been, how she deserves to eat off the floor.

“Ah, I see” she says “a Dom-Rod”. It is said with the conviction of someone who knows what they mean which makes it all the funnier.

She’s caught me off guard, I’m trying to do my serious bit and she’s acting silly.

I burst out with laughter and she does afterwards, the Dominance is possibility lost in this moment. But that doesn’t matter. If we didn’t do what we do for enjoyment then why else are we doing it. Humour is important, it brings us together with silly jokes that only we know or creating times that can be looked back upon, like this.

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  1. Fastastic post. I love these snippets into your life and the way it works. You make punshment sound so hot I could almost get a DomRod myself. 🙂

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