On the Naughty List


Littlegem has been a naughty girl.

She has eaten food she knows she shouldn’t, knowing full well that punishment would follow. When in my company she is now to eat or drink on the floor out of a bowl.

She has also broken another rule. While I got up early to make breakfast for the family she stayed in bed. She was meant to be getting the children up but she wasn’t. Instead she is thinking of the dream she’d had, a sexy dream, a sexy dream with another woman. The fantasy overtook her and she has touched herself. She has brought herself to orgasm without permission. She was embarrassed and shy when she confessed. She knew what it meant. It meant that it’ll be a while before she comes again.

Sinful Sunday

33 Replies to “On the Naughty List

  1. Is it wrong that I am revelling in the thought of this. Sexy picture but an even sexier thought. I hope she doesn’t enjoy her punishment too much ?

  2. I love everything about this. The image and the words to accompany it. It oozes playfulness and affection and I think your punishments are very befitting for the indiscretions committed 😉

    1. Thank you, we said that any punishment has to hit the crime. Unfortunately it is difficult to think of something she won’t like. In this case there is humiliation from drinking out of a bowl which she likes. Although she doesn’t like getting out of a blanket when it’s cold ?.

          1. Recently, he’s had me doing physical tasks that help improve my strength and endurance like kneeling with a bamboo rod across my shoulders and arms outstretched along it for a specified amount of time.

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