Inspect-her Gadget: The Case of the Squirting Sub


We have a routine, it isn’t a strict one. We don’t always play as much as we want, for various reason. We do try to maximise our time but sometimes life gets in the way or we need a lie down instead. If either of us isn’t up for playing we tell each other. If it’s half-hearted it isn’t going to go the way you want it to.

Probably the most important play we do is the inspection. It’s usually every Saturday. It’s high protocol so it means our submissive and Dominant needs are met and it can be flexible to our energy. This means that it is rarely skipped and is good maintaince if we haven’t played during the other days of the week. This week was one of them weeks.

Because of that I wanted to have some fun, something interesting to add to it. Gem told me her mouth and breasts were off limits before play. I would rather know this than find out during, it’s not unusual for me ask before “is there anything I should know before we start?”
So we begin, gem’s play collar is put on and she is told to stand in the ‘inspection’ pose. I am wearing a white lab coat and don black latex gloves. I’m trying to get a feeling of objectification and I will treat as such, for this reason I’ll give her a name. She will feel the latex against her skin, I will start with her facing away, not seeing me creates emotional distance. I will inspect every inch of her and have high standards. If the standards aren’t met they will be written on her file in a clipboard. Every week her weight, period cycle and observations are taken. She will then be passed or failed based on these results. So far so normal.


This time I want to do an experiment, after all I’m a curious person (or so I’ve been told). I’ve always been interested in her squirting. Like many women gem isn’t so sure about it. Our D/s dynamic has helped these feelings because in some ways she doesn’t have a choice, she squirts when I make her. Positive reinforcement along with the pleasure it brings have helped her feel more comfortable. There is a humiliation to it which ticks her boxes, but I need to be careful how I balance humiliation and encouragement.

There isn’t much comprehensive research on the subject. There seems to be a lack of clarity over how many woman can squirt or even what it’s made of. What I want for this experiment is how much can she make? Problem is though, it goes everywhere how an I going to get a measurement? I had a think, then came up with a plan.

Gem is weighed at the end of inspection as usual, she has done well although she missed and an armpit hair. It’s now time for reward as she has passed. She is told to kneel and to await instructions. It’s at this point the waterproof sheet and towel is brought out.

What she doesn’t know is that I’ve weighed the towel before play. I will simply weigh it after and calculate the difference to get a result.

She is commanded to lay on the sheet, I’ve put a pillow underneath (because I’m nice like that). One day we will ‘splash out’ on something fancier rather than our current set up. It was one of those things we didn’t know we needed until we had it.

Because I’m still wearing my latex gloves I decide for manual stimulation with the help of a glass dildo. Its warmed this time, rather than cold out of the fridge like last time. I could use a wand, but choose not too this time. Wouldn’t want to have a issue with short circuiting.

The inspection previous has aroused gem, the dildo slips easily inside her. Once I am happy that she is ready for more the thick end is used. Tah dah squirt. I’m very much in my happy place watching her. Now it’s time to push her, to extract as much as possible. The dildo is replaced with my fist, gently. I have very small lady-like hands, they are just the right size for the job.

Once I am happy that I have extracted as much as I can I clear up. The towel has soaked up most of the moisture. Unfortunately some of it got on my trousers.

Strangely my first thought was “oh no, that’s going to ruin the results.”

If you’re interested the result was around 100ml. More work is needed though as this is only one time. Maybe a wand would make a difference. I’m sure gem won’t mind me experimenting some more on her.

16 Replies to “Inspect-her Gadget: The Case of the Squirting Sub

      1. Any good scientist knows that experiments require repeating to compare the results. More than 1 test subject is also required to make the comparison is properly scientific. ? more testing required.

  1. I don’t worry about quantity. And my Queen is no longer embarrassed by it. The first time she was both mortified and excited. It has only happened with me and she was surprised. Personally I love it!

    1. I love it too, I was just curious. That sheet is worth it just for the washing it has saved. There is some stuff I’ve got my eye on maybe for after Christmas.

  2. Okay…how I’d you actually measure the volume. Naomi has copious amounts sometimes and other times none. Just curious! ?

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