It’s Getting a Bit Nippy

I’m unsure about posting this picture, even as writing this I’m not terribly certain anyone else apart from PurpleSole will ever read it. Butterfly’s have definitely invaded my stomach. I don’t have a very good relationship with my nipples. I just don’t like how they look. I have posted pictures with my nipples in them but always made sure they were obscured somehow. I don’t think this black and white filter is really masking anything.

So I’ve watched a lot of female dominated porn over the years and have had my fair sightings of breasts. A little part of me casting a critical eye on all the nipples and then comparing them to my own afterwards. Always ending with me feeling bad, judging my own. They are just quite large. The areola is the part I have most uncomfortable feeling about, it takes up most of the view. I think this photo makes me feel slightly better as it’s from the side, slightly hiding the full impact I suppose.

My breasts have changed a lot over the years, with pregnancy and breastfeeding having the most effect. PS wanted desperately to take nude photos of me every trimester but I couldn’t do it. A documentation of my breasts getting more cumbersome and my nipples expanding and darkening. No thank you. Now I have the other end to contend with, I’m nearing the end of breastfeeding my youngest, I plan to stop when she’s a year old. My breast are deflating slightly, but of course my nipples aren’t about to shrink. They will stay prominent and ever encroaching on my vision.

I liked taking this photo, well, being the model for PS to shoot. He snapped it whilst we were away last weekend. I was in the shower, nice and warm from the glow of our fun time, water cascading down my breast. I felt good and I felt sexy. I actually don’t mind this photo. As I said I think the side shot helps, my areola is more forwards based so not as much in shot. My nipples not erect. It’s the best possible situation…

PS has worked to push my limits, exposing that bit more of me and in the process taking a bit more control. I write in my post Reflection about taking an up to date photo in that position, I think this is paving the way for my confidence to be there.

Sinful Sunday

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  1. Well I’ve just read it and can comment PS for a beautiful image, and you for sharing it. I completely understand your reticence however, mine have changed an awful lot in my 43 years especially after 2 kids and 4 and half years of breastfeeding and other weight related stuff! I think this is a beautiful image ?

  2. We are each hypercritical of our own bodies in ways other people aren’t, I think. And no manner of “But why?” or “What are you talking about? You’re lovely!” is likely to change that. But I’ll say it anyway: I don’t see anything about your nipples to be critical of. You look lovely.

    As for the prompt: I like the bokeh light effect on the background shower piping. Somehow it makes such an everyday activity look invitingly festive. Nicely done!

  3. I can relate to so much of what you have written here gem but have to say that I think that this image (and your nipple) is gorgeous. I hope that you continue to become more comfortable and accepting of your body and I am sure that a push and a prod from PS will help ❤️

  4. This is a beautiful image Gem and if I may your breast and nipple looks delightful! We are real ladies and those in porn etc could be wearing makeup, could have had breast augmentation and so I would urge against comparing yourself to anything on film or in magazines… or even to a certain extent images online…. filters to smooth and enhance are readily available.

    This image is, however, stunning ❤️

  5. I first saw the image in the header and thought: WOW, this is brilliant. Then I scrolled down to read your words, and where I understand that we all have parts of our bodies we don’t like, I really think your nipple is gorgeous!

    Rebel xox

  6. I am certain your words regarding your own feelings about your nipples will resonate with many of us. For me, my nipples aren’t a worry area, but other parts are and they greatly affect the photos I share and I how I position myself for photos, so I absolutely get where you’re coming from. However, I have to say that this image and your nipples are to my eyes very enticing. I have never met a nipple I didn’t like (they are all a delight to play with no matter their shape or size :p) and I think you do yourself a huge credit in sharing something that you aren’t 100% comfortable with, that takes real courage and strength of character and deserves a round of applause. Brilliant photo, thank you for sharing it with us x

  7. We are often our own harshest critic, but it’s hard to get around that. The picture and the subject of that picture is fully of beauty and I appreciated being given this glimpse.

    It is the minor variations, imperfections and changes that are often the most beautiful thing about a woman’s body, these are the things that are edited out, or thought of as less positive in porn and other erotic images. Thanks again for this lovely post.

  8. I really like my breasts and nipples even though gravity is a bitch I still think they look good. I breastfed too, 2 babies for 2 years each and actually I loved what it did to my nipples as it made them more prominent and also more sensitive. But I know all to well what it is like to have a difficult relationship with your body, mine is mainly with my tummy, so hugs!


  9. I think and feel
    Your breasts and nipples are beautiful together. Very gentle flowing hills wet with morning dew and ready for oral climbing and hiking.

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