Room 114

The cold air was pricking her skin, although her coat was wrapped around her tight, it still found its way in. Icy tendrils caressing her chest. She was bathed in light under the street lamp, standing out in the dark night, illuminated for all to see. The street was empty but the road had a steady flow of traffic. She waited. It wouldn’t be long she knew, but she felt alone all the same.Out of the corner of her eye she saw a car stop on the opposite side of the road, window slowly rolled down. She waited, wanted to make sure. She risked a glance his way and her eyes were met by his. A flicker of excitement stirred inside her. There was a break in the traffic so she made her way to the red Alfa Romeo, she leaned in to the driver side window,

“Are you looking for a good time?”

“That depends, let me see what you have to offer.” He glanced towards her coat. She raised her eyebrow momentarily then slowly unbuckled the waist strap on her knee-length coat, revealing what was underneath. She could see his eyes upon her, taking in her black leather miniskirt and mesh halter neck top. Her breasts exposed through the transparent material, the cold air kissing her erect nipples.

“Get in.”

Surprised by his abrupt manner but thinking nothing of it she walked round to the passenger side and got in. She turned her body towards him, parting her coat to reveal her long legs, the black leather seat contrast against her smooth olive skin.
“I’m Opal. Is there anything particular you had in mind?” She said, hoping to get an idea of what he was after, she would oblige, for the right price. The engine started but not answer came. The car pulled away from the curb, her heart racing, unknowing where he would take her. She glanced at him but he was fixated on the road, it was as if she was invisible to him. The car was fairly new, a cocktail of leather upholstery and amber aftershave lingered in the air. The dash lit up with red lights.

They weren’t driving for long when she noticed they had come to a stop. Parked in a secluded off-road track, a woods nearby.
“A taster first if you will indulge me, then, if I decide you can pleasure me sufficiently you can come back to my hotel room.”
He got out of the car, cold air seeped in. Her door then opened.

“Get out.”

She followed the order and was led to the back seats via her wrist. He undid his belt and pulled his trousers down, exposing himself to her.

“Let’s see how good you are at sucking cock.”

She took him in her mouth, his warm hard erection filling her, her mouth watering at the taste. She heard him sigh and felt his hand amongst her plaited hair. He pulled her down his shaft, his tip finding its way to her throat. He pulled her head off, there was a satisfying slurp as her mouth broke suction with his cock momentarily before he thrust her back on. Each time he pushed himself deeper into her throat, holding himself there, her breath blocked until he allowed her release. She gasped to fill her lungs with air. The force on her head continued and she could feel him starting to tense. He pulled her head up, his hand firmly gripping her hair, he whispered in her ear.

“Get on your back and spread your legs.” He plunged himself inside her, she was ready for him. His body heat warming her, his cock pleasuring her.

“I think you are worthy.”

He led her into the hotel entrance, the glare of the lights were harsh to her eyes. Unaccustomed to the light as she had been in darkness for so long. She followed him through long corridors, one after the other they blurred. The same worn carpets in each, the same beige walls. Finally he stopped at room 114 and swiped the key card. The room looked as expected apart from the tripod in the corner, a black briefcase on the table adorned with gold locks also caught her eye. He took her coat from her and threw it on the chair. Before she could get her bearings further his hand was around her neck, forcing her back against the wall.
“You’re going to do exactly what I tell you to.” His dominating voice echoed inside her, she was under his control. She felt his hand upon her breast, squeezing her nipple and releasing rhythmically, the blood tingling inside her. She relaxed momentarily enjoying the sensation. His hand yanked at her top trying to expose her breasts, the flimsy material not yielding to his desires he tears at the fibers with his teeth. Her breasts bounce out as the mesh top gives way, he continues to stroke them with admiration.

He walked over to the tripod and affixed the camera.

“Kneel for me.”

She heard a clicking of the camera and a churn as the lens was brought to focus. He stood before her, his proud erection at her lips.

“Suck it.”

She wrapped her mouth around him, pleasuring his tip with her tongue. Then she spiralled her tongue against him and plunged him deep. He grabbed her hair and held it firmly, forcing her to stay in position. Her mouth at his base, unable to come back up for air. He held her there to the edge of her reflexes beginning to respond and dragged her back again. She managed a breath before the return journey. He toyed with her, edging himself with each plunge.

“I want you to bend over the bed.”

As she did she heard a click as the metal locks released on the briefcase. She felt his fingers brush against her and slip into her with ease.

“Your very wet aren’t you.”

As his fingers caressed her inside she felt a cold tingle against her arse. Slowly the pressure increased until a metal plug was nestled inside her. She felt his fingers withdraw, looked over her shoulder to see him taking the camera off the tripod and placed it on the bed in front of her. She felt her heart quicken at the intrusion. Knowing he would see every reaction written in her expressions. The thought drilled at her but she didn’t move. She didn’t protest. A part of her wanted this, to see where he was going to take her. In her vulnerable position he made her wait, she knew he was playing with her. Just when she thought the anticipation couldn’t go on any longer he thrust inside her, she could feel his hands on her hips pulling her back into him deeper. She let out a muffled scream as her body felt as if it would explode from his impact. She could hear her skin pounding against his, the vibrations ricocheted across her body. She felt every part of her wanting him, needing him. She let go, she became what he needed. A doll for his desires. The pulsation of his strong orgasm triggered hers and she collapsed in ecstasy.

Consumed by her warm glow she lay lifeless, she saw him place an ample wad of notes on the side and leave.

This erotic fiction was based on the role play that we did, please click to read how PurpleSole prepared for it and check out Opal’s outfit.

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28 Replies to “Room 114

  1. This is brilliant gem and must have been a real thrill to do. I love that you and PS are so open to exploring these sort of roles and even more, that you are willing to share the details with us all ?

    1. Thank you missy. Yes it certainly was a thrill and a role I never thought I would be able to play with such ease. I hope we can explore more risky roles in the future!

      1. It sounds fab. It’s one I would never have thought that I could do but you have made me wonder now. I love the detail and the level that you took it to x

        1. I think because it ticked so many different boxes for me like humiliation, exhibitionism and even a bit of CNC that was enough to keep the role thrilling for me and well not forget, but make me OK with playing a prostitute.

  2. Great, naughty story, I love it! I love when dominant sex involves sucking. I can imagine her cleaning everything up after the cum pulses out of her now loose vagina. Mm very dirty and nice. Thanks for a great article!

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