Her Week in Denial

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Later that evening I come down the stairs having just put our youngest to bed. Gem is kneeling in the lounge, waiting for me as usual. While she kneels motionless I prepare the room, laying a black PVC sheet on the floor (the sign of things are going to get messy). Next I get a glass dildo, and put it in the fridge, nestled between the butter and cheese.

I knelt with my eyes cast down, wrists crossed behind my back as usual and waited for PS to finish putting our youngest to bed. I could hear him come down the stairs as usual and go into the kitchen. I waited. He was taking longer than usual. My body still, the anticipation rising. I could hear rustling in the toy cupboard and the familiar noise of the PVC sheet being laid on the floor. My cheeks filled with a burning warmth, I knew at least part of his plan would involve me being messy. This made the excitement grow further.

Gem is still kneeling with her head down. Tilting her chin up and kissing her I tell her that she may now stand. She is given a blindfold and told to put it on and lay on the sheet. I want it to be all about the sensations and to heighten pleasure. We do have ear defenders (in purple, naturally) as well, but since she needs to hear me to come on command I think better of it.

I really enjoyed the build up to the play both from the message I received beforehand and whilst I was kneeling waiting for instruction. It allows my mind to prepare itself for what’s about to happen and my body to warm up as well. I think using the blindfold really heightened my sensitivity and turned it all up a notch. Plus it gave me the element of not knowing what was going to happen next which is quite thrilling.

I can now begin, I have various objects to tickle and stimulate her skin and use this to warm her up. Kissing her body gives the sensations as well as creating a physical connection between us. I feel her body relax I can move on to using my hand, then a crop to slap against her skin (in a loving way). The crop taps the inside of her leg, her bum, then her clit, Gem jolts from the pleasure/pain. Standing over her, striking her clit justifies why the crop is my favourite impact implement.

I like impact play in general, I would say it is one of my favourites. I particularly like PS using the crop on my clitoris, I think the main turn on is the power he has over me and can exert if he chooses with no control from myself. The sensation is intense and pleasurable with only the softest of taps, but if he decided to hit a bit harder it would tip the pain/pleasure balance quickly. To accentuate this PS will alternate between hitting my thighs a bit harder, then hitting my clitoris and pausing as if about to strike down, the adrenaline rush is immense.

It was now time to get the glass dildo, a quick pop to the fridge ‘ooo cold’, she’s gonna love this. The dildo has two distinct ends, the first is long and wavy. It slipped in no problem, Gem giving a gasp because of how cold it was. After sliding it in and out for a bit it was time to turn the dildo around to the end that was thick and bulbous. This end pressed nicely against Gem’s g spot. Using this alone can make her squirt, I become aware that im sitting between her legs and in the splash zone. I don’t mind, it can be a surprise when the dildo is forced out, with it a spray of fluid. PVC sheet does its job nicely.

Now it’s fun time, the wand is primed ready for use next to me. I sit beside Gem (I’ve had enough of getting wet) with the wand in my left hand and the dildo in my right. The reaction is instant as the wand is pressed against her, she’s writhing around now so it’s a struggle to keep it in the right place. I am able to pin her down if need be.

She’s getting close now, I can hear her whimpering. She tells me if I continue this way she’ll orgasm. I tell her “no” and that she’ll have to wait. I may give her a second or two to rest every so often. When it gets to the point she’s saying please and begging I can start.

10, I normally start at 5 but it’s more fun to make it longer. 9, 8, 7, 6, 5. I start to slow down and increase the gaps, 4, the wand is held firmly against her clit. 3, glass dildo still thrusting in and out. 2… big pause.


Gem let’s go, with it a strong release, so strong she needs to start swearing through her orgasm. I love my wife, looks like an angel, but boy she swears like a sailor.

I really need to pin her down now, I’m not done with her. I regret not tying her down as I need to hold her legs open as the wand presses back down, albeit on a slightly higher setting. She will cum again, I’ll make sure of it. Sure enough she does, she is only done when I decide. She’s a quivering messy, I’m very proud of her. Giving her a cuddle she is told to keep her eyes closed as I remove the blindfold.

Time to get the towels. I clear up while Gem lies on the sofa. I see she is cold, strange because I’m boiling. I thought I’d learnt from my mistakes by warming the room before. She tells me she felt fine until after we’d finished. Even with the heating on full, a dressing gown and a blanket she is cold. I worry that I’ve broken her.

We log into the SWC to relax, both of us are pretty quiet, we probably should have gone straight to bed and has a proper aftercare cuddle. When we get round to it Gem is still cold. My fix is to go to the microwave with a polar bear that can be warmed. With me holding her from behind and the bear warming her stomach, she is finally comfortable.

We talked for a while retrospectively as to why I was so cold after this scene. I don’t remember feeling cold at all during play, actually more warm. So the only thing I can put it down to was exhaustion. Play like this really cements the connection I feel with PS and makes me appreciate how well he knows me. I’m always struck by how hard it must be for him to read all my cues and body language and able to play with me in a way that satisfies himself as well as me.


15 Replies to “Her Week in Denial

  1. Both perspectives was a genius touch.
    I really enjoyed learning more about the denial aspect.
    I love a glass dildo but have never made it colder than it already is – but this sounds hella fun! The crop play is teasy and a bit scary for me – but what an erotic 2-parter this was. Even more fun to do than to read about I bet.

    1. Thanks, oh yes this was much fun to do. I don’t know how much Gem would agree during the week though. I’d always warmed the glass before but I read someone else cooling so I thought that might make things interesting.

  2. I’m always shocked at how reactions can swing from one extreme the other. After big scenes, I shake from head to toe, even though I feel very calm during it.

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