My Week in Denial


As I had broken a rule PurpleSole had decided to not allow me to orgasm for a week. This probably doesn’t sound like a very long time but every time we play PS usually permits me to orgasm at least once so not having one is missed, greatly. It also wouldn’t have been as bad if we say, weren’t playing at all, or aroused to the point of orgasm then meanly denied…

For the first few days it wasn’t much different. But I wouldn’t expect it to be. To be honest we haven’t played as much as we normally would and that’s more my fault. I have come home from work and just wanted to lie down. We did have sex one evening. I think it was around day 2-3. It felt odd that bringing Gem to orgasm wasn’t a priority. Instead I had a different mind-set, more playful as I could toy with her. I could get Gem to touch herself and watch. During, she would ask to come and I would say no. She could beg or say anything but it wasn’t changing my mind. The punishment was always going to stay in place. It was a great power trip for myself.

I think to make matters worse and perhaps play with my mind, PS had told me if I was a good girl and begged enough he may be persuaded to allow me a release during the week. As I said I think he did this to play with my mind as no amount of begging, almost in tears from animal frustration, screams of “Master please just fuck me a bit more, please!” as I frantically tried to grab at his skin to relieve the torment of being bought to the edge and denied too many times. Nope, nada.

I think this is the best punishment PS has ever come up with, well best effectiveness and worse for me. I really am going to regret writing that.

Later in the week Gem was reading a smutty blog post and pouted her lips at me.
“Are you turned on?” I asked.
“I don’t know if it’s because it’s really hot or because I haven’t come in a while.” We didn’t take things any further at that time but it was interesting.

On day 6 I needed to pop home during work hours, an extended lunch break. It meant I could briefly see Gem. One of the first things she said as I walked through the door was “how long have we got?”

“5 minutes.”

“Do you want to have sex?”

 I immediately started taking my trousers off, Gem dropped to her knees and began to *ahem* fluff me. Within a minute she was thrown on the sofa and we used our short time together to the maximum. Afterwards we put out clothes back on, kissed and that was that. A naughty quickie especially considering I should be at work.

On the day of the week being up I received this message from PS,
“I have decided since you’ve gone a week without, you are to be bought to orgasm tonight.”
The reaction was instant, tingly sparks firing down below and a massive smile across my face. It couldn’t have come at a better time either, our baby has been poorly with a high temperature and cough since the weekend so my stress levels were high. We don’t usually play on a Tuesday night as we go on the SWC chat so I had no idea what PS had in mind for me, or even when. I enjoyed the thought being at the back of my head throughout the day.

To be continued…

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