Numquam ubi sub ubi

We have a few rituals that have developed or been dropped through our D/s journey, one that has been there from the start is PurpleSole chooses my underwear.

This was originally started as a simple element of control. I found it hard in the beginning to give up control, I know that sounds crazy as it was what I was asking for and wanted. I found I pushed back against PS unnecessary just because I could. So having rituals helped me to stay in my submissive mindset. PS choosing my underwear was relatively simple and playful as well.

This ritual did comes with problems at the beginning, PS would forget some mornings to put underwear out for me. I didn’t want to make him feel like I was undermining his control so I wouldn’t say anything, but that just led to me feeling sad that he had forgotten, which is good for no one. Now if he does forget on occasion I will just get dressed without any and tell him in a sexy way that there’s something missing. Much more fun, who needs underwear anyway. Of course he can always decide deliberately to not put any out as well.

I like that it’s something we share together as a secret, a knowing glance if we are out together and he’s chosen a lace thong. I haven’t been in the situation of a dress or skirt with no underwear yet, but if it’s what PS decides then so be it.

N. B. Please excuse the knobby title. The conversation went as follows,
“Do you have a title? It can’t just be ‘underwear’.”
PS doesn’t like my blunt titles… so I thought I would use Latin, everyone likes puns right?

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15 Replies to “Numquam ubi sub ubi

  1. I love this. I really get off on the secrets only we share as well. I wore my ben wa balls to the grocery store when we went earlier. It made the trip so much more fun and added sexiness to an ordinary task. It is awesome. Super fun image too, I got a “doll” feeling when I first glanced at it. ?

  2. I knew exactly what the title was. This is because I am fluent in Latin…

    …not! I like your short blunt titles though. If I were PS, you likely would go without often and almost always when in a dress! ?

    1. Haha got my hopes up there! I am in no way fluent, just know a few bits.

      I am a bit surprised that PS doesn’t make me go without more often, especially as he dislikes most my underwear.

  3. I thought this might be about sorting laundry – I’m sure my OH would pitch in more often if I presented it like this! Your ritual sounds sweet and sexy!

  4. Looks like a lovely collection of undies you have there….. and that is a lovely ritual. I rarely wear knickers anymore now as that tends to be his preferred state for me but it is best in the summer under dresses


  5. Having your underwear chosen would be a control thing I’d struggle a bit with too. I don’t always bother with underwear but when I do I just want to grab a pair and not think.

  6. Hehe, love the title, and also what you have to say about your D/s. I also struggle with wanting a thing (to be controlled) but then pushing back against it, once it’s there! I’m not sure what that’s about (perhaps there is a blog post in my future.)

    In any case…love the panties.

  7. Great idea – and not only that it would save me the bother – I think I would like my man to get all my clothes out – but then i may suffer a little from the cold in winter 😉
    very sexy tho when he forgets

  8. I think that is a really lovely ritual, and one I would be happy to share with my partner.

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