Can’t Deny My Love


I’ve always wondered about the control of orgasm denial and the feelings of submission and dominance it gives. I am in full control of Gem’s orgasms, she has to ask for permission. It is up to me to decide whether she is worthy, then after a countdown of 5 to 1 she is allowed to come. I may tell her no when she asks to begin with but in the end I will almost always let her orgasm. There’s nothing hotter than hearing her beg for it.

But what if I didn’t. I could build it all up, bring her to a plateau of pleasure, then stop. I find that control a turn on, I know she accepts my decisions and that it’s totally up to me. But I can’t help feel guilty if I did. If I wanted to take this fantasy any further I would put her into a chastity belt to finalise any lack of pleasure, giving a reminder of my dominance.

I have tried an element of denial, not on Gem, but myself. This came about by accident to begin with. Play during a week had first been disrupted by children. Later Gem was physically done after her part of play. I was left turned on while she soon fell asleep. I could have then forced myself on her or made her give me a blowjob. Could. I don’t because that’s not how I want our particular dynamic to be.

All this play with no finale affects the way I feel. Short term it can be frustrating, feeling turned on with no end game, but that soon fades. I don’t feel the soporific effects so can go to bed still alert. This can continue into the following day, but don’t think I’m walking around with a constant erection. To a degree I enjoy the energy that it seems to give me.

Continue this for a few days or maybe a week and change happens. A want soon becomes a need. This is probably when I feel most dominant. This manifests as a primal urge, I don’t care how, all I know is I want Gem. Handjob, blowjob, sex, titwank (I hate this word but don’t know what else to call it) I want it all. But when it happens and I finally get what I need the build up and the denial become worth it. A growling, pillow gripping orgasm that leaves me spinning. I know I will sleep well as the warm fuzz of enjoyment is sustained by an embrace.

I’m aware a week is not that long to wait for an orgasm. It just seems longer than usual.

This was where I was going to end, then I got a message from Gem while I was at work.


I won’t lie, this turned me on. Gem is allowed to watch porn and to masturbate while I’m at work (with my permission). In some ways this is behaviour I don’t want to discourage. However she has broken a rule. Punishment needs to be appropriate to the crime and later that night I told her she was orgasm grounded for a week (Do you think that’s fair?).

We’ll still play as usual and in some ways I want to see the effect of edging her during this time. I know her body works differently to mine so it’ll be interesting to watch.

8 Replies to “Can’t Deny My Love

    1. Your blog is the reason I felt a bit guilty for mentioning denial for such a short period of time. Not going to last anywhere near that!

      1. Oh don’t feel guilty! Since then my Queen has decided she likes to see/feel/taste me cum. And my periods are far shorter. For instance I came 13 days ago. If you are used to cumming every day a week can be a long time. I love the build up I feel when denied. But the edging and teasing makes that work. If I was ignored completely I wouldn’t likely enjoy it.

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