Because I Want You


Gem is my mate. I don’t just mean that in a friendship way, we are two fertile humans that have successfully bred to create offspring, twice. While we have no plans to procreate again soon there is still a primal need inside me to breed.

I like Gem being pregnant, she is beautiful and glowing. Unfortunately there are circumstances that can alter that, morning sickness, impromptu hospital visits and the constant worry. There are also the hormone changes which can be difficult to deal with. Other side of the coin though, crazy sex drive including ‘you’re going to screw me to induce labour sex’.

The bump that develops makes you proud (because I made that and it’s ours). A bump that makes you want to protect her even more than usual. Then there’s the breasts, which you must absolutely not touch or face the consequences. But when they’re inviting you with their increasing fullness and you look at them and they look at you back with engorged nipples and you just want to rub your face into them and… what was I trying to say?

The point is I still have that urge and desire. I want to spread my genes and make her pregnant again even if we really shouldn’t right now because young children take up enough time and energy to be looked after. I have to ignore what must be my natural instinct and listen to the sensible thing to do. Otherwise we’ll have to buy a bigger house and a mini bus.

Our current choice of contraception are condoms. Gem didn’t like the way the pill affected her and frankly nor did I. This non hormone solution has worked effectively so far, although there is a major flaw.

So we might be mid-scene or on the sofa getting a bit frisky. I grab Gem and pin her down, our naked bodies pressed against each other. The voice in my head whispers, but I ignore it. Instead I thrust inside her, maybe gently or maybe forcefully. Either way we’re having unprotected sex and it feels naughty, forbidden and amazing. The voice gets louder now “You shouldn’t be doing this,” sometimes this voice is real as it’s coming from Gem’s mouth. She has similar opinions to me though and the thought of me coming inside her is very much a turn on for both of us, this makes for great dirty talk.

Finally I have to give in to my inner voice. I pull out, usually met by a pushed out bottom lip from Gem. No I will not have sex like this, ok maybe a few more thrusts. Damn it we’re doing it again. Now I must go over get a condom and we can continue properly. Using condoms certainly breaks up the spontaneity of our sex life. It’s difficult to subtly perform con non con sex when you have to go to drawer, surreptitiously unwrap a condom and roll it on, it’s just not going to happen.

I shouldn’t be so down on condoms, they certainly have a place in ours and others lives. Until we find another solution I’ll have to accept its limitations, but for now though that’s a wrap.

9 Replies to “Because I Want You

  1. Look into getting a cap for Gem. In all fairness you can put it in a few hours before you might even plan to so Gem could put it in when you come home “in case” and she can leave it in overnight too

  2. There is a book called “Your Fertility Signals: Using Them to Achieve Or Avoid Pregnancy Naturally” by Merryl Winstein. We had a friend use this when they were trying to get pregnant and between babies. This will help you know when Gem isn’t fertil so you can forgo the condom, because sometimes bareback is just more fun. ?

    1. Ain’t that the truth! Thanks Beth, I have an app to track Gem’s cycle. I just don’t know if I could trust a calendar method. Maybe when we’re more inclined to increase our family.

  3. When you’re ready get yourself to a surgeon. It took 4 sons before I went under the knife. No condoms, no chemicals and obviously no more kids!

    1. That’s going to be the plan later. Just need to make sure we’re done.. Although saying that I get a spaniel to the bollocks every time I go round the in-laws. I got told the worst part was the burning flesh smell.

  4. Oh this brings back memories of in between child 1 and child 2, running that edge of shall we?….and that desire to breed and be bred again. Until one night we just thought ‘what the hell, let’s see what happens’ glad of either result. He’s now 6 and is currently watching YouTube beside me 😉 Second HL on the freedom of the ✂️ but you do need to very sure.

    1. That’s sweet ☺. Our 2nd was mutually decided mid-coitus (we’d talked about it before but hadn’t decided). Don’t have any regrets, we now love seeing our daughters playing together. I think the snip is a few years away for me, but it’s definitely in the plan.

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