Golden Girl

The prompt for Sinful Sunday this week is transmogrify- to transform in a surprising or magical manner. Thanks google.

Me and PS were playing around in the bath, it’s not what you think. I really like bath bombs, particularly the expensive ones from that well-known ethical store… Blush. I don’t know why I feel silly admitting I like them, I’m sure other perfectly normal adults do too.

One of my favourites is covered in gold powder and I decided that I would try to make myself into a golden statue, breasts first. Well it ended up only breasts as it turns out I would need quite a few more to cover my entire torso.

I think the result was an interesting transformation and PS does say my breasts are magical.

Sinful Sunday


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  1. This is really pretty – I would like to see the whole gold version but also really like the edit you have used 🙂

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