Hit Me Baby One More Time

DSC_0016.jpgWritten before play:

“You could cane me like that all evening” Gem said during our last aftercare session.

*Click* into the brain that went for next time. Previous impact play sessions have had to be stopped because of various reasons. But this time I wanted it to be different.

So here’s the plan: Impact play will take place lying down. It will be comforting, erotic caning if you will. Adding some fragranced candles and soft music to give it a different feel.

I have been listening to Gem after sessions. The main thing she says is I don’t hit her hard enough. It may seem like an easy fix, but making sure she is ok comes first. I don’t want to cut her pleasure short. So it’s a difficult balance.

It was also suggested that I don’t hit her hard enough because there’s something stopping me, an emotional wall. I don’t disagree, edge play in general can take some time to overcome. I feel she is safer going into sub space lying down, rather than collapsing standing up.

Ok back to our play. I will start as usual, build up with spanking and light impact. Getting her into a headspace for something more intense. The difference now will be I will get her to lie on her front, rather than over the knee or against a wall. I’ve laid cushions on the floor like a bed, with a boob hole to avoid discomfort. The cane will then come out. Gentle at first, getting stronger. This is the point where I’ll really need to read her body language. I will try to get a better balance by allowing her to disconnect for longer. We’ll see how it goes.

Written after play

I got Gem naked, standing facing the wall. As I began I remembered how long it’d been since we last played (I wrote the before part before our drop time). It’s amazing how much that heightened the senses. The touch of the skin, the smell as my body drew close. I could sense similar feelings in her too as my hands ran over her body.

A gentle spanking and flogging warm Gem up. I hadn’t told her the play we were doing, however she knew something was going to happen. This warm up told about 10 minutes. She was then instructed to lay on the ‘bed’. Trying to make her as comfortable as possible I placed blankets on her back and legs, leaving only her bottom exposed. It looks a little like a BDSM medical drama.

The cropping and spanking continued a little more, until it was time to use the cane. It was going rather well, we’d been going for about 30 minutes. Her bottom was getting rather toasty. Then I missed, only slightly higher than it should, but it was enough. Out of any subspace she was in, we paused. Even with the blankets Gem showed signs she wasn’t comfortable with the temperature.

The moment had gone, we decided to stop and cuddle. This and Gem not being warm enough meant it didn’t go perfectly, but failure is a part of success. I’ll try again at some point. Central heating, electric fan, blankets. Heat makes a big difference, any sign of chill is distracting and removes from the relaxing element of play. At least my body heat next to hers helped.

Written a few days after

Gem asked me to hit her as hard as I could with the cane, just once, with a little warm up. Just to see what it’d feel like. Was I going to do that, no. Don’t get me wrong I struck her with it, just at a level I was comfortable with. The welt it left on her suggested it was still quite hard. We both like the way impact marks. I personally feel a sense of ownership to them. Unfortunately this one-off caning meant that our next planned impact night had to be stopped as impact on bruising was too much. There’s a reason we only do it once a week.

10 Replies to “Hit Me Baby One More Time

  1. This was really interesting and I liked being able to see the various stages and what you had planned and why. To know how that went in reality was really helpful. Thanks for such an open and honest post ?

    1. I did have her as close to the heater as I could but even that wasn’t enough. I know now to turn it up well before play, better to have it too warm than cold. I forget it’s not summer anymore 🙁

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