Easy like a Sunday Morning

DSC_0068.jpgSo on Saturday night Gem and I went out to a club. She looked absolutely stunning in her corset and play collar. I enjoyed making the fishnets for her, even if it took a few hours to prepare. Because why wear normal fishnets when you can faff around with cord. We danced, had a fun time then went home.

Then we woke on Sunday morning and it was quiet. Not just because the ringing in our ears had stopped, the children were at Gem’s parents. This was the first time since having them that we could have a lie in. A rare treat that we intended to make use of.

Despite getting home in the early hours we were awake about 8, probably due to our routine, at least with the clocks changing we’d had an extra hour. I told Gem to stay in bed as I made breakfast for us. I tried to use this time to be a bit more gentlemanly, with kids they take priority so it isn’t always convenient. The night before I had opened a car door for her and she looked at me confused. Maybe should try to make more effort when I can. Breakfast made, we had a fry up and milkshake (soya for Gem) in bed.

With a bit of energy in us now we had sex in our bed. This is more remarkable than it sounds as this doesn’t usually happen. Normally we play downstairs so it was a pleasant change. It was vanilla to begin with but soon became quite primal. Lots of scratching and biting, we could be as loud as we wanted. It was then a thought came into my mind, something I didn’t think I wanted, until now.

“What if I used a knife?”

Gem’s shocked face was quickly replaced with a smile. It was agreed, a quick run down to the kitchen and back into bed. We continued to have sex, slowly, but now a blade ran over Gem’s skin. It never cut her but did graze, leaving red trails. I loved the way she reacted, arching her back with a mix of pleasure and pain. By the time we were done she looked like she’s been dragged through a hedge.

Next we had a bath together, we needed it after being covered in various fluids during the night before and in the morning. For fun Gem used one of her bath melts. Turns out it was super glittery, our bodies were sparkling. Having to wipe our faces before we went out later. In the bath Gem told me her breasts were full (since the baby wasn’t there to feed). After that was dealt with we cuddled in bed again. We held each other and being so relaxed fell asleep.

Now it was lunch time. We went out to grab something to eat. We went to pay and in front of us in the line was a couple with a young child. Behind me I could hear Gem starting to cry, she missed the kids and it was super sweet. Luckily it wasn’t long before time to pick them up. But it was nice to have time with just us.

5am monday morning and the reality of life comes crying back. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  1. A lovely time. My Queen used to have a hard time when we were away from the kids. But as our kids are older now, that is no longer happening to the same extent. We go away for a couple of weeks and she’ll think of the kids and might be sad for a moment, but then she can get over it quickly and we continue to have a good time. When they were younger, it often put a damper on things for a while.

    1. I think its just because its something we’re not used to. It does make you think how much you love them, even when they’re being little monsters.

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