This is Halloween

The strobe lights dazzling her eyes, flickering images of blood, wild hair and capes flash before her as she danced. The boom of the bass echoing through her chest as the loud music harassed her ears. This is Halloween.

She can feel his fingers interlocked between hers as her body moves rhythmically, it makes her feel safe. Safe among the strangers shrouded in costume. Safe in an environment she’s been out of for so long. She needed this. A chance to let go. Escape from reality just for a night.

Maybe it was the fact she was wearing her play collar or that the glaring music drowned out most other sounds. She felt pulled into a sensory deprivation effect, like she was floating out of her body. His hand tethered her, his grip controlling her accent.

Time was lost as they danced. The songs hard to differentiate between, the pounding beat merging them together. Lighting adding to the disillusioning effect. Then she felt a hand graze her bottom through the corded fishnets, her soft skin exposed through the diamond patterns. Her hand still interlocked with her Masters, she turned and caught a glimpse of the offending figure. Their eyes met briefly and the figure gave her a wink before disappearing in the crowd of nuns and devil’s, her cat tail following.


Her heart racing she looked at Master. He had seen what had happened and pulled her close to him, giving a reassuring kiss on her neck. They continued to dance but she was distracted, trying not to be noticed as she stole glimpses of the crowd. Searching for the cat lady’s flowing wavy hair, adorned with cat ears and of course that furry tail. Her search came back with nothing, racing thoughts slowed as the rhythm lulled her back.

Master pulled her in close once more, kissed her lips and pressed a £10 note into her hand. He mimed that he required a drink whilst indicating the direction of the bar with his eyes. She dutifully set out to follow his order and made her way weaving through the costumed crowd.

At the bar she failed to communicate her order above the noise, the bar tender shrugging and continued serving others who were more accustomed to signalling what they wanted. Whilst trying to figure out the code by observing others the bar tender placed two drinks in front of her. She must have displayed a puzzled look as the bartender pointed to a figure stood just behind her.

She turned and to her surprise her gaze was met by the cat lady, eyes made up thick with black liner and whiskers painted on her cheeks. She stood stunned. Her heart racing within, the sound of her Masters voice ringing in her head of a conversation they had prior. Her cheeks burning as she gestured a ‘thank you’ to the beautiful feline figure. The cat lady leant in close, her scent filling the air. Their lips met and caressed as she kissed her, she felt her lip being bitten playfully. She looked up and in the distance saw Master’s approving smile, she knew she would be reliving this for a while.


Sinful Sunday


11 Replies to “This is Halloween

  1. What wonderful powers of description you have. You created a wonderfully noisy atmosphere. It was easy to imagine her sensory deprivation.

  2. Great story, or beginning of a longer story. Great descriptions of the atmosphere and party, sexy tension beginning to build.

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