Immobilized by Fear


Trapped in darkness, an emotional descent. Senses heightened, the distant sound of another being amplified. Bound, limbs cease to find movement. A laugh that echoes throughout, torments within. Ever closer, the pulse rises as the time to commence befalls.

A touch, a cold graze of a long cane. Anticipation quells as footsteps circle around. A strike, an intense burning sting that radiates throughout. Others follow, the impact unrelenting. Thoughts begun to melt and spin. Time becomes eternal, sensations fill the body.

The pain dulls, they draw close. Breathe interchanging. A hand prickles the skin of a cheek. The blindfold lifted, exposing eyes of a fearful body.

Images blur as light pierces through. Vision slowly returns. Standing before, a masked figure, distinguished only by purple eyes.

Pulling at the restraints, movement is futile. A blade in the left hand reflects off the harsh light. The hand ascends bringing a spontaneous flinch. Adrenalineย shoots through like a bullet. Another laugh, ripping through a tortured soul.

Reaching around, a fistful of hair is pulled, a vulnerable neck exposed. The blade teases over the skin sending with it a ripple of fear. Inner voices want to scream but find no words.

Hair released, a momentary grace. only moments of composure were allowed as the blade continued. An intense burn as the knife drags along skin, with it a draw of blood. A release seeps down the arm, a cold rush trickles.

Flowing to the fingertips, drips hit the floor. Pooling at the feet. Left shackled, the figure leaves.

The fogs of headspace de-mist, limbs find feeling. The constriction that was once there ebbs away. An arm once covered in blood, a scar it’s only reminder.

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16 Replies to “Immobilized by Fear

  1. This is really hot and I love the poetic style that you have used which makes it flow in a snapshot way and combines the actions with emotions.

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