Master’s Slave

It’s Friday night, for us this would usually mean Roleplay night. PurpleSole has something a bit different in mind though. I received a message from him yesterday:

“Friday nights roleplay will be a true Master/slave dynamic. Play will be Cm/Nf. Sub will only wear a collar, the putting on/removal dictating play.
– Sub will be refered to as “Slut” or variants.
– Sub will not speak unless spoken to, she may ask permission to speak if it’s important. Failure to do so will lead to ball gag time.
– When speaking “Master” must be used in every sentence.
– Sub will provide drink service
– Sub may be asked to perform humiliating or degrading tasks.
– Sub will worship Master’s cock and will do so without being asked.
– Sub will have to ask permission for master’s cum. Master will decide if sub is worthy of his cum.
– Sub may be used for Dom’s pleasure, resistance will not be tolerated.
– Sub may be asked to get into positions such as those used during inspection. Others may be added, Dom will instruct which positions need to be learnt before play.
– Sub may safeword at any point.”

This message made me very tingly on receipt. We have only engaged in what I would class as high protocol play for my inspections, so the thought of a whole evening like it was truly alluring. I replied in my usual manner and clarified a few points.

I received another message in the morning from PS:

“I want you to wear make up tonight to reflect the dirty slut that you are.”

This one was difficult for me, I take things very literally so wasn’t sure what PS expected. I even considered googling ‘slutty make up’ but thought better of it. Instead deciding on bold black eye liner that sort of goes smoky on the lids and a bright pinky mandarin lipstick.

I plaited my hair, undressed and came downstairs to our play area. Sitting on the sofa was PS adorned in a nice pinstripe shirt and purple tie. I must say he looks rather hot. Containing my excitement I walk towards him and kneel, wrists crossed behind my back. We share a last glance into each others eyes, after this I must resist. I feel my collar being removed and replaced with my play collar.

“Do you remember how to end play if you need to.”

“My safewords, ” I confirm more for myself than for PS.

It starts.

“Stand up”

I feel a tickling sensation on my stomach, pressure upon my skin. I realise PS is writing something.

“My dirty little slut.” He reiterates as the black pen brands my skin. “And what do dirty little sluts do?”

My face reddens as the words seep into my mind.

“I don’t know Master.”

“They suck Master’s cock!”

I feel a hand on the back of my head forcing me down. Down upon my knees, down towards his warmth. I take him in my mouth, at the same time my hands cupping and stroking underneath.

The hand releases me from my task, pulls me away.

“Very good. Now get into the table position next to the sofa.”

I do so and wait. I hear PS leave the room momentarily. Cold air caresses my skin as the door opens and shuts. I feel something smooth and cold on my back, it moves slightly rocking back and forth. An apple? I think to myself, confused. I then hear slicing, the skin giving way to the sharp point of a knife.

Hairs stand up on the back of my neck as the icy realisation spreads through me. I know what is coming next. A conversation we recently had, I asked for this. Dread and arousal consume me. It’s what I wanted. Didn’t I? My heart races. Then silence.

The tip of the knife slithers down my back and in between my shoulder blades. I can feel the path it has left. Not pain, the blade hasn’t cut my skin, just grazes it. It’s a feeling of raw primal passion. I know it shouldn’t make me feel like this, my body screams that it’s not enjoyment. But it is. I’m left wet from just a few strokes of the knife.

Ravenous to please him. I greedily ease him into my mouth once more. My tongue swirling against his pink tip. Then plunging him in deep down my throat. I hear his moans. Confirmation of a good job.

“Stop now, there’s a good little slut. Look you have left your lipstick all over my cock. Go and run me a bath. Once you have finished return and kneel for me.”

I do as I am told and return to my knees before him.

“I want you to undress me then wash my body and hair.”

He leads me by my wrist into our bathroom and I do what I was ordered. I enjoy washing his body, seeing the soapy bubbles run down his back. I pay special attention to his penis, making sure its thoroughly clean. Tipping the warm water over him and watching it flow like a waterfall, cascading down to his testicles. When I am finished I hold up the towel and wrap him in it.

“I want you to go and wait for me downstairs.”

I kneel in the middle of the room, eyes cast to the floor and wait. I feel completely engulfed by his control over me and the submissive feeling this brings. I am his entirely.

“I want you to lay down and masturbate for me.”

He watched from the sofa, his entertainment, as I lay on the carpet. My fingers find their way down my body and slip into me. I’m warm and wanting of the intimacy it brings. My legs spread wide, I push them in further. I remove my moist fingers and encircle my clitoris, they glide easily over my engorged skin. I become aware he has moved, his lips inches away from my ear.

“I want you to play with this, in your arse.”

He puts the dildo in my hand, my fingers met by surprise the sticky lube that he must of rubbed all over it.

I tease myself a little with the tip and then ease it in, rubbing my clitoris at the same time.

“Does that feel good you dirty slut?”

A groan confirms.

“Now remove it.”

He stands up, I can see his proud erection from between my legs.

“I want to feel my cock in your arse.”



18 Replies to “Master’s Slave

  1. Oh hot damn! Blade play is one of my all time favorites so that defiantly had my attention. A wonderful evening in all it sounds. I did enjoy this very much

  2. Oh hot damn! Blade play is one of my all time favorites so that defiantly had my attention. A wonderful evening in all it sounds. I did enjoy this very much

  3. This sounds like an amazing evening. I am so pleased that you got to try some of the things you had talked about but can relate to the feeling of omg what did I say. I noticed that you stopped at the anal so wonder if there is more to come lol ?

    1. Yes it was! There were a few reasons I stopped writing at that particular point, I wanted the writing to be about my feelings and at that point my memory of events get rather hazy, plus it adds an element of intrigue for the reader.

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