Littlegem – My Super Sub


Recently Littlegem shared this photo of herself. I commented saying how proud I was, let me expand on that.

I remember doing that photoshoot. It was around Halloween 2015, I know this because on some of the other shots her nails are bright green. Gem was nervous about doing it. She only did it because she knew it was something I wanted. She also knew we were trying to start a family and that this would be the best time to do it.

I wanted to show Gem how sexy she was and still is. To view herself the way I see her. I am quite the hypocrite here, if it was the other way round I would never expose myself on camera like this. She was willing to trust me, knowing that the pictures wouldn’t be seen by anyone else or shared online…

Flash forward to now and we have 2 beautiful children. Gem is a fantastic mother. On top of that she has to deal with me. The D/s lifestyle that we are now in requires a level of respect for each other that she already had. She has an inner strength that I envy. She has a dark humour coupled with a child-like energy. She is always there for me, knowing what I need. It is these qualities that make me proud to have her as my wife and as my sub.

I want to thank all those that liked, commented and sent private messages. I feel she thinks that my compliments are said because I’m her husband and I have to say it. So to hear it from others, in a warm and welcoming community has done wonders. Especially knowing that she gave birth earlier this year.

One day I hope to post a photo, same angle, same nakedness and for Gem to feel as gorgeous as she truly is.

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  1. She certainly looks gorgeous in this photo. But I have found it rare for women I have known to believe that they are beautiful. My Queen always tells me I’m biased. But I keep saying it because I believe it—and besides, I don’t have two asses—two cheeks but only one ass! ?

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