Saturated and Shamed

Saturated and Shamed


It’s 2pm and both the children are having an afternoon nap. Littlegem and I are on the sofa, lying down watching tv. I’m holding her from behind and feeling playful.

When we’re like this my mouth is right next to Gem’s ear. I can whisper naughty thoughts into her head to distract her from what she’s watching. I tell her about the fantasies I know she has, the forbidden one’s that she thinks she shouldn’t have. I love indulging these thoughts, I find it hot and enjoy the way she writhes when she knows I’m in her head. When I eventually reach down and touch her, I know she’s turned on.

Her concentration is not fully mine yet, she continues to watch as my fingers snake under her trousers into the silk underwear. I can gently run my fingers up and down, hearing the sighs as I do so. Removing my hand I unbutton her trousers and delve my whole hand between her legs. She looks at me, her concentration broken as my finger easily plunges into her.

She’s my play thing now, I can rub her clit or g spot while holding my other arm around her. She’s not watching anymore, her eyes are closed as they feel a second finger slip inside. The pleasure is building, she may look up at me but I’m casually watching the tv while my fingers rhythmically thrusts. She sinks back into her headspace as I curl my fingers upwards, but then looks at me with concern.

“Master if you keep going you’ll make me squirt”

I know what’s going on, but I haven’t decided what I’m going to do about it. After all this play was impromptu. I could build it all the way up then stop, denying her. We were due to have a scene that night so I wasn’t going to give her complete satisfaction. But I could still humiliate her.

Mind made I continue, the panic still on her face as she is resigned to her fate. I change from rubbing her clit and g spot, gently tapping her clit with my palm to break up the sensations. But then I increase the pace, breaking the plateau into unknown heights.

She begs me not to do it. She’s still fully clothed and I’ve brought her to the brink. But I’m unrepentant, the control I’ve got giving me a high as I hear the moans increase. I can feel a change inside, a swelling, I know it’s time.

My fingers pull out, pressing against her clitoris. Her back arches as she squirts forcefully inside her own clothes.

“You dirty girl, you’ve ruined your trousers and the underwear I picked out for you.”

She is soaking, I should probably stop. But I don’t, in her heightened state I’m not finished with her. Her arousal now can be heard as a wet slap each time my palm hits her. I reach back inside, when I pull out again my hand floods with her next squirt.

“Look what you’ve done!” This time I remove my hand and push my fingers deep into her mouth so she can taste her own enjoyment. I sense her conflicted pleasure as I tell her how disgusting she for enjoying it.

A third and a fourth squirt follow. By the time im done I leave her saturated and shamed.

There’s only a couple of minutes left of the show. I let her watch the end, but that’s the only climax she’ll be seeing for now.


15 Replies to “Saturated and Shamed

  1. That was hot, even though I’m not one for humiliation I appreciated the control and power dynamic. You did right to share this!

  2. Such a good idea whispering her fantasies before you lay a finger on her – I love that – so hot – particularly when they really bad fantasies 😉

  3. I’ve been the one with soaked clothes a few times…and that’s only ONE reason I enjoyed this. 🙂

    I love a peek into a Dom’s headspace when they play. It’s fun to know what you’re thinking and how those decisions are being made. 🙂

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