Hot Under the Collar

Shortly into our D/s dynamic PS asked me to choose a collar. I was very excited, probably for the wrong reasons to start off with. I quite like nice jewellery so why wouldn’t I want an extra piece? I did some reading and became informed on the subject of day collars. I also talked a lot with PS and realised how much it meant to him. It was taking his ownership of me up a level.

He asked me to choose the day collar for several reasons. He knows I’m very picky and wanted to make sure it was something I felt comfortable wearing all the time. Don’t get me wrong I would have liked anything he chose, just because it was his choice. I love my engagement ring he picked out many years ago. But also he knew I would take my time and weigh up all the options and inform myself along the way.

For me my day collar has just as much importance as my wedding and engagement rings. I would feel at a loss without them. I find myself playing with the rose gold O ring whenever I feel uncomfortable or need reassurance and PS isn’t there. It helps me feel owned and submissive all day and I’m very happy that PS wanted me to wear one.


As we progressed in our dynamic we got different collars for different play. PS treated puppy to a beautiful rose gold and leather collar and leash set. He puts this on at the start of play to help the transition into Puppy. Although I have written before how it’s not instrumental to, it does aid the head space.


Recently I made a collar for general play as PS wanted something to again mark the start and end of the scene. I will always kneel and have my hands in the set position he likes before play scene and he will exchange the collars. Plus he wanted one that didn’t matter so much If it got certain fluids on it, let’s say wax.

I think the collars are a very important part of our dynamic not just wearing them but the rituals involved as well. Also they are very pretty, well I think so. I’m not sure if any one would pick up on the fact that rose gold features on all my collars, this wasn’t by mistake and really just shows my obsessive personality with liking things to match.

PS has joked that I should make one for every different persona of mine, I do like to take things literally so watch this space.

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