Plug in Baby


Littlegem hasn’t done her exercise for the day, so before we begin our play I make sure that she has done it. This gives me time to prepare for tonight’s impact play.

I like that PS has enforced that I do my exercises, he could have taken my excuse and moved on. Instead he has reaffirmed the rule and shown he cares by making me do them.

It has been a few weeks since last time, life and erm.. biological circumstances have got in the way recently. So I’m thinking of trying something a little different to get us back in the swing.

For tonight’s play I require:
– Door restraints
– Implements of pain
– Spreader bar
– Rope
– An extension cable
– Wand

Gem has finished her exercises now. It is time to play and I direct her to kneel so that her collars can be changed to begin the scene.

I am intrigued by the wand and rope, these aren’t usually items that appear for impact play. This excites me.

I get her to stand with her legs wide apart so I can attach the spreader bar. Next I make a wand harness out of rope. This works surprisingly well and the head of the want nestles nicely against her clit.

Now I need to get her to the door so she can be attached to the door restraints. What follows is an awkward waddle to the door, I really should have started closer to the door.

…It’s not easy to walk with a spreader bar attached to your ankles.

Gem is cuffed into place facing the door. I get close behind Gem, reaching between her legs, clicking the wheel of the wand to ‘on’. The extension cable is beside me and the plug is just waiting to be connected.

Impact play can begin. I can tease her body by gently touching her, pinching and squeezing her bottom. I can tease her mind, letting her know that the wand will be turned on at some point.

I like the little warm up pinches and squeezes, it helps the blood to come to the surface. I kept thinking about the wand, it’s there ready. I can feel the cold plastic against my clitoris.

I begin by spanking, rubbing in-between to keep a slow but intimate pace.

I ask her “hands”. As well as a safeword we have a safe action for this kind of play. When I say this Gem has to ‘opt in’ to continuing play by opening and closing both hands. She does so and I continue.

I play with the flogger, the crop and the paddle for a while. Gem is making the right noises. I try to add humiliation to heighten her arousal as this is one of her kinks. I feel excitement with maybe a little shame when I’m calling her a dirty slut.

I enjoy the progression of intensity with the different impact toys. The different sensations they create. An added sensation was the impact pushing the wand against me, tantalizingly reminding me of its presence.

Then we move on to the cane. I like the cane, it is dangerous and powerful. The trouble also is it is dangerous and powerful. The smallest of taps can lead to gasps of pleasure. However a strike in the wrong place can take Gem out of her mindset.

I can tell now that she is getting deeper into her subspace, the noises have simmered and are replaced with long deep breaths. I ask “hands” again. She signals for more and the caning continues.

I turn, plugging in the wand.

Wow the sudden vibrations made me jump. I remember being fairly gone so, one, had forgotten about the wand completely and two, didn’t notice when PS stopped to push in the plug. The mix of pleasure, pain and more pleasure was intense.

I replace the cane back to the crop, the thwacking sounding coupling with the buzz of the wand. A couple of times I’ll get behind her, reach for the head of the wand and push it against her further.

I notice Gem’s body rest against the door, I am unsure of how she is feeling so I ask “hands”. There is no response. “Hands” I repeat in a stern voice, I didn’t know if she had heard me. No responce. The plug is instantly pulled. I wrap an arm around Gem as I remove the arm cuffs, ease her down as she slumps onto the floor, resting her shoulders on my chest.

I could hear PS speak but I had no control of my body. I feel disappointed in myself, I remember the point where I should have said Amber (approaching limits) and PS moving my arms down at this point may have helped but instead I chose to stay quiet. I will learn from this in the future. I am lucky PS put the hands system in place as an extra check in.

I’m panicking a little now, this hasn’t happened before and I’m grateful for the hands system we have in place. I hold her close and talk her down. She begins to become more lucid and I’m ready to stop there.

But she tells me “green”, the cue to continue. After all the wand was still firmly attached and I was in reaching distance of the plug. 

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