Avoiding Awkwardness

IMG-20180911-WA0000.jpgWhen we started out D/s journey it wasn’t too long before I wanted Littlegem to wear a day collar. I was unsure of the reaction, we aren’t the most confident people. What do we say when our family asks us? The excuse I readied was that it was a 3rd year wedding anniversary present, the year happens to be represented by leather.

But it wasn’t needed, nobody asked. It was almost disappointing, not even any of our friends noticed any difference. We still look out for people in the street with a collar with the hope of giving them a knowing nod.

I do get asked about the packages that arrive at my work though. I work with 4 other people in one room, all are a touch older than me. None of them are online shoppers, so have noticed the increase of oddly shaped packages in my name.

There is a running joke that all the parcels are sex toys *laughs nervously*, could you imagine that. Only this week my boss said “Well that’s a plastic dildo”. Jokes on him though, it was made of glass.

Before I’d be coy, saying I didnt know what was in them. Now I go with it, tell them the truth as if it’s a joke. I thought to myself, maybe I’m ok with people knowing about my lifestyle.

Then the lady in office says to me “Sorry I half opened one of your packages”. My heart stopped, what has she seen, do I need to explain myself?

The package wasn’t a sex toy. No, much worse. It was a dog tag with “Puppy” and “Owned by Master” written on it. We don’t have a dog.

Luckily she hadnt broken the inner packaging, I was safe this time. Turns out the excuses and the reasons I have currently to keep our lifestyle private are justified. Maybe in the future I will have greater confidence. Maybe we should get a dog.

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