Diamond Amongst the Grit

A silhouette of a woman dancing in a club, lights behind her body emphasise the curves of her bottom and breasts.Club 65 had quickly gained a reputation for wild girls. Victor wanted to experience this atmosphere for himself, see if it lived up to the hype. It fuelled his kink of paying women to fulfil his desires.

The front of Club 65 looked no different from any other, a cliché neon sign the only way of knowing what was inside. Victor found his way through the bustle of punters to the bar and ordered a dirty martini.

He looked around, a sea of suits met his eyes. They were gathered around the busty women serving drinks, too much make-up hiding their faces, too little clothes covering their curves. A VIP area of the club caught his eye. Downing his drink, he walked over and peered behind the red velvet curtain. That’s when he saw her. A diamond amongst the grit.

It was as if no one else was in the room. The lights danced off her beautifully shaped body as she moved gracefully to the beat of the music. He found a seat close to her, watching the flow of her every move. The glitter lining her dark eyes, illuminated by the club lights, she was entrancing for him. He saw her looking at him, eyeing him up perhaps to judge whether he was worth further attention.

Her mind was empty, the bright lights didn’t bother her much anymore. She just let the music take her. The rhythm controlled her body, her movements. She could tell he was interested, the way he looked at her, his consuming gaze. It stirred something inside her.

“Would you like a private dance?”

He nodded.

She straddled her legs over his and flicked her hips from side to side, brushing her breasts against his face. She could feel his arousal against her legs as she danced for him. She turned around and wiggled her bottom in his face. She felt a sharp pinch as he bit the flesh of one cheek. The pain ricocheted through her sending waves of pleasure to her clitoris.

He grabbed her waist and turned her towards him,

“What is your name?”

She could smell the alcohol infused botanicals of the martini on his breath.


“Well Sapphire, you’re a talented dancer. Do you possess any other talents?”

He slipped a wad of notes down the lace side of her thong.

She didn’t count them, it would have been irrelevant. There was something about him that interested her.

She moved his hands from her waist and planted them on her bottom, slid her body down his lap until she was kneeling in front of him. She could feel the outline of his manhood through his tailored trousers, the heat it radiated enticing her.

He caught a glimpse of her dark eyes looking up at him before the overwhelming satisfaction of her mouth made him shut his own. Warmth and moisture wrapped around him as he was plunged deeper within her.

She could feel silk against her head, forcing him further down her throat. She resisted, pulled back to take a breath before giving in to the force of his tie.

He watched as a tear welled in her eye and could feel her throat contracting on his stiff cock. The pleasure mounting he loosened the tie from his fists and let her compose herself once more.

“Ride it.”

She did what she was told, found the split of her crotch-less thong and slid his tip between her engorged lips. She wrapped her legs around his waist and thrust herself on his lap, driving him deep she let out a moan. She worked her hips, grinding herself against him rhythmically. She pushed his head into her cleavage, feeling his hot breath against her supple skin. She yearned for him to tease her nipples in between his teeth, but wouldn’t ask for it. The choice was not hers to make, his enjoyment was the only thing that mattered. She was being paid after all.

He grabbed her legs and whilst supporting her weight he lifted her up, his hungry cock still buried deep. He slammed her back against the wall and took control of his own satisfaction. He could see her face contorted in pleasure.

The side of her lip held firmly between her teeth as she held back cries, the feelings of him inside her too intense.

She felt him pulsate as he climaxed, his head nestled into the crook of her neck as he grunted his release.

This fictional piece is based on the role play we did. Click to read about how we got prepared and the outfit I wore as Sapphire.



10 Replies to “Diamond Amongst the Grit

  1. Love that line – “Diamond amongst the grit” – I met my man at a club and he said I was “quality amongst the dross.” 😉
    Hot story 😉

  2. Very hot indeed, there were some delightfully detailed touches which illuminated the text very vividly. That’s a sexy story right there! I need to go back to Friday’s role play to discover even more eroticism.

  3. The scene was hot on its own, but I love how the dual narrative reads like a conversation between their minds and bodies! Very effective for the building of some very intimate tension that can’t always be conveyed through dialogue alone. Great stuff 🙂

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