Friday Night Roleplay: Erotic Dancer

Roleplay has become an interest of ours. It can feel daunting and embarrassing. Here is an insight into how we do it.

‘Club 65 is a new nightclub and has attracted many rich clients. Keen to show these patrons a good time, girls in the club fulfil their desires. There is a private room for personal dances.
The client will enter the room to find a sexy dancer and after admiring her, things get hotter.’

This is the message I have sent Gem, I have sent it a couple of days before to allow her time to prepare. I have also defined how the scene begins and ends. That saves the awkward looks followed by “Are we done?”

So we need to create a club atmosphere in our own home. Luckily most of that will be created with darkness. The children’s toys need to be put away, don’t want to be tripping over them in the moment.

Next we need music, club music is not really our kind of thing. Using a music app connected to speakers sorts that. Other app’s can be used to create a strobe light effect. Hey presto club 65 is ready.

My preparations for play are a little bit more simple than for PS, all I have to do to is dress up down for the role. Sapphire is an erotica dancer at Club 65 so she will wear sexy lingerie, I have a new piece that has pretty rose detailing down the open front in mind. She will also have bold makeup on with a bit of sparkly eye liner and some high heels. As I have never been to an erotic dance club this is my idea of what they would wear, to be honest it doesn’t really matter as long as I feel in character and comfortable in myself with what I look like.

I get dressed in formal attire, sort out my hair and make myself smell nice. Turns out I make more effort for roleplay than when I go out.

We’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

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