Master I Am Your’s (part 1)



A cold tingle began to spread from Amber’s toes into her feet, she had been kneeling for longer than usual. She shifted her position slightly but making sure her wrists were still crossed in the centre of her back. This is the way he liked her to wait for him. The lullabies had stopped from the baby monitor so she knew Ethan would be down soon. The anticipation was spreading through her body. Suddenly she could hear footsteps in the hallway. They paused.

Through the glass panel in the door he could see her kneeling obediently, facing away from him.

Her heart was racing, she held her breath as the door opened. She exhaled deeply as she felt a hand lift her chin. His gaze met hers.

“Good girl, I want you to go and face the door.”

“Yes master.”

Amber felt prickling in her skin as Ethan raised her hands above her head and shackled them to the door restraints.

“Spread your legs.”

These were placed in the spreader bar, she could feel the velvet of the cuff against her ankles. Silence filled the room momentarily before Amber shuddered from a rush of cold air on her naked back. She could hear Ethan move across the room, then the familiar noise of an implement being removed from the wooden coat stand.

“Are you ready.”

No answer came from Amber’s lips but she knew one wasn’t required.

First he brushed his hands over her shoulders. Her hairs stood up on end from the attention. He took a moment to appreciate her silhouette in the dim evening light, before the fun began.

Amber felt the cold leather run down her back and caress her bottom, then she felt the sharp sting as it caught her across one cheek. The leather crop continued to dance along her body in between the strikes. She let out a gasp as the intensity of the impact grew.

He knew she was enjoying it, he was too. He allowed the strikes to became rhythmic as he increased the force further.

She felt the leather run up the inside of her leg and knew that proof of her excitement would be left on the tip of the crop. He lightly tapped her between her legs, teasing her clitoris.

“I think it’s time to use something harder.”

Ethan’s voice felt like it was distant, she was lost in the pleasure.

“Yes master,” She managed to reply, knowing what this meant.

She heard a swish, a confirmation, as he practised his next stroke. A moan escaped from Amber as she felt the thud on her bottom, the skin burning in the implements wake as the blood rushed to the surface.

“Do you know what this is?”

Another strike followed.

“The cane?” Amber said.

She could feel her clitoris swell as she uttered the words.

“Yes, my dirty girl loves to be hit with the cane doesn’t she?”

Another strike. She could feel the heat from the marks left on her bottom, the pain from the welts intensifying the pleasure.

“Say it.”

His words sent shivers of ecstasy through her body, her liquids pooling between her lips, her clitoris throbbing.

“I like to be hit with the cane, ” Amber blurted, the words not sounding as if they were her own. Saying it made her own her wants and desires. How could she possibly enjoy this, her embarrassment taunted her inside her head. But she knew it soon melts away.


Another strike.

“I’m a dirty girl.”

The heat from her embarrassed lust overpowered by the firey yearning for his dominance. Amber shrieked as Ethan grabbed the back of her arms.

“I’m going to fuck you!”

Ethan undid his zipper and yanked his trousers down.

Amber caught a glimpse over her shoulder of his hard glistening penis before he thrust it into her from behind. And then she was lost. Lost in subspace. She could feel Ethan’s skin against her back, their bodies fitting together like a brilliant jigsaw puzzle. Most of all she could feel the pleasure this brought her. But she wasn’t wholly present, her mind felt fuzzy and unaware of her surroundings. She didn’t notice Ethan releasing her from the door restraints, her arms slumping against the door. Her body was too focused on his penis fulfilling her with every thrust.

Ethan turned her around, laid her down on the carpet and moved the spreader bar over his body so it was resting on his shoulders. Amber let out a breathy grunt as she felt him re-enter her, his penis pushed against her G-spot. She could feel her body tensing as he pushed deeper inside her.

He could see her breasts bounce up and down with every thrust, the glazed look in her eyes betraying her absence minded pleasure. His penis hardened as he heard the moans get louder, the twitching of her vagina tightening around him.

Amber could feel her body begin to shake, the pleasure surging through her like a blinding light.

“Master, may I cum?”

The question leaked out of her unawares.

“Not yet”

Amber breathed deeply trying to keep control, not let her body take her over the edge.

“But master…”

“You know you only allowed to cum with my permission”

Amber knew there was no argument to be had and the denial only fuelled the intensity of enjoyment. The pace of penetration slowed, but still he filled her deeply with every push. She felt a presence around her neck, not tight, she took in a longing breath. Then the hand gripped, sparks of excitement ricocheted as her breath failed her, just for a second. The control continued a few more times, every part of her became hypersensitive.

“I am going to count you down from 5 and then you will cum for me.”

Ethan didn’t wait for a response and started his countdown. 5… Amber’s body began to shudder. 4… She could feel Ethan gripping her hip. 3… Pulling her in. 2… Driving deep. 1… Each thrust as if to punctuate the numbers.

“Cum for me.”

An explosion took hold of Amber’s body as she climaxed hard, groans of satisfaction escaped her lips as her body convulsed. She could feel the pulsing of Ethan’s penis nestled deep inside her, every muscle contraction spurring each other on.

He slowly moved his body off hers and slunk his back to the carpet. He knew she needed time to come back, to be coherent again. He stroked her delicate hand in his, noting the rough patches of skin and the tiny cracks on the surface. A result of household cleaning and not using the hand cream he had bought for her, he thought to himself.

She panted and slowly raised to the surface of consciousness, pulled back by the sensation of Ethan’s sweet kisses on her stomach and ample breast.

“Amber my gem, are you ok?”

She opened her eyes and saw Ethan’s soft face looking back at her, his steely blue eyes searching for her, deep within the mists of her mind.

“That was delicious.”


12 Replies to “Master I Am Your’s (part 1)

  1. I love this Gem. The characterisation is really good and you can feel the heat of the relationship between them. Brilliant 🙂

  2. Great writing, sexy and very much puts you in the shoes of the sub – I enjoyed this!

  3. Welcome to Masturbation Monday! And I love that this begins with the very real moment of waiting for a kid to finally go to bed so you can both get what you need.

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