A Letter to D/s

DSC_1791Dear D/s,
You have come into our lives and changed our world. The way we see, feel and love have altered in ways unimaginable. You strengthen our bonds beyond our own comprehension. The box has been opened and I can’t see it shutting.

This is not to say there aren’t downsides. Yes with the highs come the lows, wanting to extend the ecstasy that little more, the desire for an everlasting embrace. Of course life can get in the way and create its own obstacles.

You can create awkwardness in my everyday life, such as the conversation that comes up most weeks
“Did you see that programme on TV last night?”
“What did you get up to then?”
Giving an answer like “I had my fist inside my wife” could be construed as unusual. So I would say sitting down and talking, which is half true. I already feel I lie enough having to explain what’s in all the boxes that get delivered at work, especially when they are half opened.

You bring out the best in me, of which I am so grateful. I can bring your lessons into life around me and my family.

There’s no going back now D/s. We have seen the possibilities and are ready to explore a ocean we’ve only dipped our toes into.

Yours sincerely,

3 Replies to “A Letter to D/s

  1. I laughed at your post weekend conversation. My work colleagues must think I am so lazy too as I never get up to much. Welcome to wordpress – great to see you here 🙂

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