Purple’s Gem is all about our life in a married D/s relationship. The good, the bad and the naughty bits.

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Bathe in Blue
Ok so maybe this picture needed a bit of editing magic to get it to represent the colour blue. But I liked the picture and I'll look for any possibility to crowbar in an image I like. Isolation time has
Stroke My Ego, Not Just My Cock
Every once in a while I want to feel special. I want a connection that is greater than being told of how much I am loved, I want it shown in physical form in a way that makes me feel sexy
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Experience things through our eyes and feel our sensation of play. Reviews with a difference. 

PRO 2 Vibration- littlegem lying down with the toy between her legs

Our erotic and BDSM themed stories.

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Dominance and submission writing meme. Step this way to read our thoughts on the topics.

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