Purple’s Gem is all about our life in a married D/s relationship. The good, the bad and the naughty bits.

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It Doesn't Always Go to Plan
We had a really good week recently. Every week when we sit down and discuss the last 7 days we usually discuss what could be improved and plan how we can encourage each other. But it wasn't
Cock Worship and Blowjobs, how do they differ?
Occasionally there are questions you want to ask but feel they are so basic that you'd be stupid for asking. We regularly chat about how our dynamic is going and the direction
In The Alley
This is the alley between our house and the house next door. Luckily they were out this day, I wonder if they know what kind of stuff we get up to. After all we are the kind of people to do wax play in the
Threesome fantasy
Before our D/s I once had a threesome fantasy. It feels like I am confessing something that really isn't that big. For me though that was very unusual, completely out of nature. I have written before
Nipple Piercing Experience
Not too long ago I wrote the post Piercings and littlegem and explained how I had once gotten my nipple pierced at 18 but it didn’t heal properly so I let it close up. I wouldn’t say I regretted
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Experience things through our eyes and feel our sensation of play. Reviews with a difference. 

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Our erotic and BDSM themed stories.

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