Purple’s Gem is all about our life in a married D/s relationship. The good, the bad and the naughty bits.

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January 27th 2420
January 27th 2420AD. 

"Susan, I've found something."

He pressed his glasses, pinging the information over to Susan for her to process.

"Do you remember the Internet? The old one I mean. I've
Inflatable Expansion Vibrator: Feeling Stretched for a Show
Bestvibe contacted us to see if we like to review some products, of course we jumped at the chance and Bestvibe asked me choose anything that took my fancy from
I like to lie back in the bath, warm water caressing my face and skin. Helps me to feel relaxed. Sometimes after a long week it's nice to have a bath to myself, to get a section of time to unwind and feel refreshed.

Plug-B by Godemiche: A Spaceship going to Uranus
I love littlegem very dearly, but she can be an awkward person sometimes.

For Christmas I got her a few presents, although these presents are for her little side, after
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Experience things through our eyes and feel our sensation of play. Reviews with a difference. 

PRO 2 Vibration- littlegem lying down with the toy between her legs

Our erotic and BDSM themed stories.

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