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Ruby Ring-piece
This one was a bit tricky to write. Not because it brought up bad feelings, simply it is a difficult subject. It discusses sex with someone identifying as a child persona, littlegem as ruby. please consider
Elust 122

Photo courtesy of Modesty Ablaze

Welcome to Elust 122-
The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you're looking for sex journalism, erotic
Castles in the Sky
There were two castles. Littlegem lays in the of one, overlooking the other.
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Spanking: Ritual Reminder
Ritual Reminder
I look up at PurpleSole from across the table. He didn’t see did he? It doesn't matter, I know I am going to tell him anyway.

“I forgot to wait for you to eat first, i’m sorry.
Life Ring
On our walk around a park and lake area north of London we came across a life ring. Wanting to seize the moment I quickly unbuttoned my yellow jump suit which features in quick a few of our more recent photos.
One of a Kind
I think most of us had someone we inspired to be like when we were younger. Maybe a poster on the wall or these days a binge of music videos on YouTube. For me as a teenager I wanted to be like Brian Molko,
Partner Multifun 2 by Satisfyer - Guest Post by Sweetgirl
In our wonderful sex toy goodie box that we received from Satisfyer they had sent two couple toys. The Partner Multifun 2 and 1. As they looked quite similar I
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